• Why pay someone hundreds or thousands of dollars to prepare your QDRO when we use the same software that they do?
  • Detailed instructions compared to our competitors. We including multiple examples of how to express the award as well as definitions of the verbiage.
  • All of our QDRO's meet ERISA guidelines, guaranteed!

Why pay upwards of $2000 for an attorney to draft and prepare your Qualified Domestic Relations Order or an online service $600 or more, especially if they are just using the same format that they use for the majority of their orders?  

Be wary of the competition who advertise state specific fill-in-the-blank forms emailed to you immediately. Wouldn't you rather have contact to verify exactly what you need? Your retirement account could possibly be the largest asset you have!    

Unlike our competition, our samples include multiple examples of awards so that you are not guessing on how you should word the award field, which is one of the most important as that defines what the alternate payee will be awarded.

Let DoItYourself QDRO supply a plan specific QDRO for you for only $39 or $89 depending on your specific needs. 

Would you like a universal defined contribution 401(k) QDRO, 403(b) QDRO or 457 QDRO? If so, ERISA requires specific items be in the QDRO, which these universal QDROs comply with. 

It's still the same great package, which includes the DoItYourselfQDRO, instructions on completing and submitting the QDRO to both the plan and the court as well as an addendum to be used with the final court certified QDRO.  

Our $99 option is for QDRO's that are plan specific as well as defined benefit, or pension plans.

We have multiple years of experience and have drafted thousands of QDRO's-which made us think, "Why are we charging [our] clients huge amounts of money when some of these documents are so similar? There has got to be a better way."  

We may not be the right choice if your case requires complex calculations, but for the vast majority of QDRO's, the award is either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the account. We are perfect for that.  

We have specific documents for Fidelity, Vanguard, Nationwide, American Funds, John Hancock, Great West, Charles Schwab, and Putnam to name a few.  We also have QDRO's for Public Employee Retirement System, orPERS plans for most states as well as most Local Union plans and Military Orders. Click here to see a partial list of QDRO's that are available.

We provide:

Your specific QDRO for you to complete in Word format
Instructions on how to send it to the Plan for pre-approval
Instructions on how to submit it to the court
Addendum to be included with submission to the Plan

All documents are in Word format(Apple Pages by request), so you just need to fill in the blanks, format the document to mirror you decree or judgement(heading, caption, page numbering, etc) print it and submit it to the court. It's that simple! ​